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Maui Market Delivery Terms of Use

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions.

By submitting your grocery list AND payment it is implied that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Once a grocery list is submitted AND payment is collected cancellations made within 48 hours of the arrival date listed on the order form are subject to a $45 fee (or 15% if over $300) to account for restocking/returns and the cost of any grocery items that are unable to be returned back to the stores. Any orders that contain incorrect information including but not limited to: Name on Reservation, Email, Phone, Arrival Date, Arrival time, or Location of the delivery may not be successfully completed and the customer assumes liability if the order is shopped for but not completed.

For any purchase of alcoholic beverages, all information MUST be entered correctly confirming identity and age over 21 years. If presenting in person a valid ID must be shown or a signature accepted. Any alcoholic beverage orders placed without this information will not be delivered.

By submitting an order and payment the customer agrees to the listed charges of 30% of the grocery store(s) receipts or a flat-rate $45 if the receipts total less than $150. The options for substitutions and additional gratuity are up to the customer and once an order is submitted will be considered final. All orders are subject to availability of products on Maui and the prices of the products on the day they are selected. Product quality may vary depending on availability and season. Customers assume liability for consuming or handling any products that may cause sickness or bodily harm. Customers assume liability for consuming alcohol and being under the influence of alcohol. For any questions about the Terms and Conditions please contact Maui Market Delivery at 808-250-7298 or [email protected] prior to placing an order and/or payment.